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The new Cleantex extractors feature a self-cleaning filter bag that solves a problem that plagues other dust extractors and vacuums. During normal use, fine particles of dust cling to the inner lining of the filter bag resulting in caking. This coating of dust lowers the effective suction power dramatically resulting in poor extraction efficiency and performance. Caking can also cause additional strain on your dust extractor's motor and contribute to premature failure. Festool has addressed this issue by developing a unique pliable fleece filter bag. Because the bag is not rigid like many other types of bags, such as paper bags, it prevents caking. This means that your Festool dust extractor continues to deliver full suction until the bag is virtually completely full.
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Item Description Price UM Qty Add to Cart
FT456790 1 MICRON FILTER MINI / MIDI I 30.00 / EA Call for availability
FT496262 CLAMP EXTRACTOR SIDE CT26 36 17.00 / EA Call for availability
FT500438 CT SYS MOBILE FILTER BAG 5X 22.00 / EA Ready Now!
FT200340 CT SYS MOBILE HEPA FILTER 69.00 / EA Call for availability
FT500642 CT SYS MOBILE LONGLIFE BAG 86.00 / EA Call for availability
FT452924 FILTER NF-CT/2 25.00 / EA Call for availability
FT494631 FILTER BAGS FIS-CT 22 20X 140.00 / EA Call for availability
FT456870 FILTER BAGS FIS-CT 22 SP VLI 46.00 / EA Call for availability
FT452971 FILTER BAGS FIS-CT 33 5X 48.00 / EA Call for availability
FT494632 FILTER BAGS FIS-CT 33 20X 150.00 / EA Call for availability
FT456871 FILTER BAGS FIS-CT 33 SP VLI 53.00 / EA Call for availability
FT456737 FILTER BAGS LONGLIFE-FIS-CT 250.00 / EA Call for availability
FT456738 FILTER BAGS LONGLIFE-FIS-CT 255.00 / EA Call for availability
FT452970 FILTER BAGS FIS-CT 22 5X 42.00 / EA Call for availability
FT496172 FILTER ELEMENT CT 36 AC I 59.00 / EA Ready Now!
FT496752 HEPA FILTER 0.3 MIC CT MINI MIDI 69.00 / EA Ready Now!
FT498994 HEPA FILTER ELEMENT CT 26 36 48 100.00 / EA Ready Now!
FT499704 LONGLIFE FILTER BAG CT MIDI 145.00 / EA Call for availability
FT499703 LONGLIFE FILTER BAG CT MINI 105.00 / EA Call for availability
FT496120 LONGLIFE FILTER BAG CT26 230.00 / EA Call for availability
FT496121 LONGLIFE FILTER BAG CT36 250.00 / EA Call for availability
FT498506 LONGLIFE FILTER BAG CT 48 CT48 275.00 / EA Call for availability
FT500558 MAIN FILTER HF-CT SYS 24.00 / EA Call for availability
FT496170 MAIN FILTER ELEMENT  CT26/36 40.00 / EA Ready Now!
FT498411 SELF CLEAN FILTER BAG 5X 38.00 / EA Ready Now!
FT498410 SELF CLEAN FILTER BAG 5X 32.00 / EA Ready Now!
FT496186 SELFCLEAN FILTER BAG 5X  CT36 48.00 / EA Ready Now!
FT497539 SELFCLEAN FILTER BAG CT 48 5X 53.00 / EA Ready Now!
FT496187 SELFCLEAN FILTER BAG 5X 42.00 / EA Ready Now!
FT496169 WET FILTER ELEMENT CT 26 36 48 25.00 / EA Ready Now!
FT456805 WET FILTER ELEMENT CT MINI MIDI 23.00 / EA Call for availability
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