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Heat resistant paints are special for their ability to resist the effects of temperatures over a couple hundred degrees Fahrenheit. These effects include embrittlement, peeling, color change and outgassing. The special resins and pigments mean these paints can tolerate higher temperatures than standard enamels,

As the temperature tolerance goes up the colors become more and more limited and because much of the equipment that might require these paints are associated with smoke and fire, black pigment is mostly to keep a cleaner appearance.

High Heat paints do not have special primers but the prep must be very good to excellent with the best service over new or white metal blasted steel.
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Item Description Price UM Qty Add to Cart
RU54633 BBQ BLACK HIGH HEAT 1000F I 64.69 / GL Call for Availability
RU77785 BBQ BLACK HIGH HEAT 1200F QT 20.29 / QT Ready to Go!
COV264-78-1 HIGH HEAT ALUMINUM 118.60 / GL Call for Availability
RU14122 HIGH HEAT BBQ BLACK 1200F GAL 72.43 / GL Call for Availability
FC600-1 TEMPERCOTE 600 GRAY PRIMER GL I 183.72 / GL Call for Availability
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