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At the paint stores there are a lot of products that are sticky like glue. But there are a lot of different glues we have, too. Each is optimized for a different purpose and all of these excel at their purpose. 
To some extent you can also use ADHESIVE CAULKS AND SEALANTS like a kind of glue.
Also, some epoxy products will do a great job to adhere different parts together.
Lastly, wallpaper adhesive is located in the wallpaper section  HERE 
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Item Description Available Price UM Mfg Part #
EL07050 1 GAL ELMERS CARPENTERS WOOD I Ships in 2-5 days 39.99 / GL E7050
EL07310 16 OZ CARPENTERS WOOD GLUE MAX Ships in 2-5 days 9.22 / EA E73100
dap DA00121 16OZ HI STRENGTH SPRAY ADHESIVE Ready to Go! 12.78 / EA 00121
dap DA00105 3 OZ WELDWOOD CONTACT CEMENT Ready to Go! 5.78 / EA 00107
EL07300 8 OZ CARPENTERS WOOD GLUE MAX Ships in 2-5 days 5.82 / EA E7300
LO68880 9 OZ CLEAR ALL PURPOS POWER GRAB Ready to Go! 5.88 / EA 1589155
dap DA25498 BEATS THE NAIL ADHESIVE GRAY Ready to Go! 2.79 / EA 25498
dap DA27450 BEATS THE NAIL ADHESIVE WHITE Ships in 2-5 days 3.72 / EA 27450
dap DA25082 BEATS THE NAIL ALL-PURPOSE ADH Ready to Go! 2.95 / EA 25098
SG15236 CONTACT CEMENT 1 OZ TUBE Ready to Go! 2.44 / EA T-CC
gorillaglue GO50004 GORILLA GLUE 4 OZ Ready to Go! 11.62 / EA 50004
EL00005 KRAZY GLUE TUBE Ready to Go! 2.79 / EA KG58548R
dap LN19072 LIQUID NAILS HD CONST ADHESIVE Ready to Go! 5.26 / EA LN-901
PC07014 PC-CLEAR EPOXY 1 OZ Ready to Go! 5.74 / EA 070147
dap DA00272 QT WELDWOOD CONTACT CEMENT Ready to Go! 11.44 / QT 00272
LO68607 SUPER GLUE ULTRA GEL .14 OZ Ready to Go! 5.39 / EA 1674435
FR03401 TITEBOND COVE BASE ADHESIVE Ready to Go! 3.89 / EA 3401
DA00273 WELDWOOD CONTACT CEMENT GAL Ships in 2-5 days 37.95 / GL 00273
DA00203 WELDWOOD PLASTIC RESIN GLUE 1LB Ready to Go! 11.35 / GL 00203
19 found, showing page 1 of 1
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