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Most wallpaper sold for consumer use is prepasted and can be applied shortly after a quick dunk in the water tray. Nonetheless there are times it needs help to adhere to rough or porous surfaces. In some instances a primer will work well to fill the posers and ensure even gluing to the wall.
You can also use an activator that enhances the glue's ability to wet the wall and adhere.

Commercial wallpapers are made to have glue applied to them and require pasting. Paste can be applied using a pasting machine or directly applying to the backing with a roller or brush.

Prime porous or flat finish walls with on of our wallpaper primers. These enhance positioning and ensure that the glue is able to do its job by keeping the moisture even until the adhesive sets.
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Item Description Price UM Qty Add to Cart
ZI02880 122 HD CLEAR STRIP ADHESIVE I 47.98 / 5G Ready to Go!
ZI02881 122 HD CLEAR STRIP ADHESIVE 13.54 / GL Ready to Go!
ZI02861 2 OZ SEAM & REPAIR ADHESIVE 3.32 / EA Ready to Go!
GH09505 3# POWDERED WHEAT ADHESIVE 25.76 / EA Ready to Go!
RO09101 6 OZ WHEAT PASTE / SIZING 8.63 / EA Ready to Go!
ZI62008 8 OZ ALL PURPOSE PASTE/SIZING 5.94 / EA Ready to Go!
GA77803 DYNAMITE 780 HD ADHESIVE 5G 47.99 / 5G Ready to Go!
AP60371 PRO - CLEAR PREMIUM WLPR PASTE 16.79 / GL Ready to Go!
AP60385 PRO - CLEAR WALLPAPER PASTE 44.99 / 5G Ready to Go!
AP60381 PRO - CLEAR WALLPAPER PASTE 14.94 / GL Ready to Go!
RO12405 PRO 880 ULTRA CLEAR ADHESIVE 58.15 / 5G Ready to Go!
RO11901 R-35 HEAVY DUTY LATEX PRIMER 40.88 / GL Ready Now!
RO10001 PRO-732 CLAY EXT STRENGTH ADHSV 23.74 / GL Ships in 2-5 days
RO11305 PRO-838 CLEAR HD ADHESIVE 5 GAL 57.91 / 5G Ready to Go!
RO11314 PRO-838 CLEAR HD ADHESIVE QT 7.59 / QT Ready to Go!
ZI02500 SHIELDZ WALLPAPER PRIMER 5G 152.24 / 5G Ready to Go!
ZI02800 SURE-GRIP BAG PASTE/SIZING-2 GL 3.99 / EA Ready to Go!
GA77602 VINYL OVER VINYL ADHESIVE 5 GAL 83.47 / 5G Ships in 2-5 days
GA77603 VINYL OVER VINYL ADHESIVE QT 11.24 / QT Ready to Go!
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