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The Festool Centrotec System is the standard-bearer for problem-solving, precision drilling/driving solutions.

Versatile - Packed with solutions for just about any drilling/driving need.

Fast - Features no-slip, quick-change shanks for use with the Festool Centrotec System or any keyless or three-jaw chuck, so you spend less time fumbling around and more time getting work done.
Durable - Festool Centrotec drill and driver bits are precisely machined from high-grade steel so you get a proper fit, reduced runout, and assurance that your investment will last a very long time.
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Item Description Price UM Qty Add to Cart
FT769125 BIT HOLDER  BH-DWC 11.50 / EA Call for availability
FT769124 BIT PH2-AF-55 DWC 18-4500  3X 16.75 / EA Ready Now!
FT496450 CE ADAPTER FOR 3-JAW CHUCKS 24.00 / EA Call for availability
FT492520 D2 - 8MM CE COUNTERSINK 48.00 / EA Ready Now!
FT492521 CE COUNTERSINK D5-15 48.00 / EA Ready Now!
FT492523 CE COUNTERSINK DRILL BIT 3.5MM 78.00 / EA Call for availability
FT492524 CE COUNTERSINK DRILL BIT 4.5MM 78.00 / EA Ready Now!
FT492522 CE DRILL BIT W/ DEPTH STOP 67.00 / EA Call for availability
FT492525 CE SELF-CENTERING BIT 5MM 90.00 / EA Call for availability
FT495131 CE SOCKET ADAPTER 1/4 IN 24.00 / EA Call for availability
FT495133 CE SOCKET ADAPTER 3/8 IN 26.00 / EA Call for availability
FT492540 CENTROTEC BIT EXTENSION 25.00 / EA Call for availability
FT205097 CENTROTEC BIT HOLDER BHS 60 30.00 / EA Ready Now!
FT492648 CENTROTEC BIT HOLDER BHS 65MM 29.00 / EA Ready Now!
FT492135 CENTROTEC CHUCK 40.00 / EA Ready Now!
FT205090 CENTROTECH 12 PC BIT SET 90.00 / EA Call for availability
FT498974 CENTROTECH IMPACT BIT HOLDER 26.00 / EA Call for availability
FT491794 REPLACEMENT BIT FOR 492522 25.00 / EA Call for availability
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