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Benjamin Moore UltraSpec Elastomeric Waterproofing Paint.

Elastomeric paints were developed in response to problems with wind driven rain permeating through cracked masonry. The industry needed a product that could bridge small cracks and resist tearing apart through movement cycling. 
Acrylic resins were modified with plasticizers and bodying agents to allow the paints to be applied at thicknesses up to 20 mils wet resulting in a thick, rubbery, flexible coating. The concept is great, the end results a little less so. The elastomeric paints do the job intended to prevent water intrusion but ar plagued with other problems. They are well known for plasticizer migration to the surface which makes them hold onto dust and difficult to clean. The rubbery thick hide has a low permeability that can result in water bags if the system is compromised.
We don't choose to recommend elastomeric paints unless there really is no other good choice
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Item Description Price UM Qty Add to Cart
BM360-01-5 U/S ELASTOMERIC LOW LUSTRE 183.09 / 5G Call for Availability
BM360-94-1 U/S ELASTOMERIC LOW LUSTRE 4X I 39.81 / GL Call for Availability
BM359-01-1 U/S ELASTOMERIC WP FLAT WHITE 36.76 / GL Call for Availability
BM359-01-5 U/S ELASTOMERIC WP FLAT WHITE 167.69 / 5G Call for Availability
BM360-01-1 U/S ELASTOMERIC WP LOW LUSTRE I 39.81 / GL Call for Availability
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