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Urethane varnish for interior and exterior* use

Available in High Gloss, Satin and Matte

Surfaces: EUROTHANE Varnish provides a clear finish on any unpainted wooden surface

Applications: Floors, stairs, railing, doors, trim, wall-paneling, and furniture

 Marine Yacht Varnish is a classic alkyd varnish, formulated to the highest Dutch standards. Marine Yacht Varnish has been the coating of choice for discerning boatmen from Schoonhoven to Singapore for over one hundred years. This varnish is used by many of the finest Northern European yards.

Marine Yacht Varnish is easy to apply and produces an unusually high build. This coating is suitable for use over most other varnishes, both traditional and urethane. We suggest that when applying this varnish over an existing finish, test the compatibility on a small, unobtrusive area. Marine Yacht Varnish has excellent weather resistance properties and provides a high degree of U.V. protection. Marine Yacht Varnish performs consistently well at every latitude on vessels ranging from luxury yachts to fishing boats.

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Item Description Price UM Qty Add to Cart
FP025643 BRUSHING PUTTY .75L 55.00 / EA Ready to Go!
FP025650 BRUSHING PUTTY 2.5 L 135.00 / EA Ready to Go!
FP021584 EUROTHANE VARNISH BRILLIANT .75L 50.00 / EA Ready to Go!
FP021621 EUROTHANE VARNISH MATTE .75L 50.00 / EA Ready to Go!
FP021607 EUROTHANE VARNISH SATIN .75L 50.00 / EA Ready to Go!
FP025896 MARINE YACHT VARNISH .75L 50.00 / EA Ready to Go!
FP025919 MARINE YACHT VARNISH 2.5L 125.00 / EA Ready to Go!
FP025940 SWEDISH PUTTY - 1 KG 50.00 / EA Ready to Go!
FP025957 SWEDISH PUTTY - 4 KG 125.00 / EA Ready to Go!
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