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Graco FastFinish Texture SprayerMagnum by Graco Airless Paint Station
207 Bar L30
The Graco Airless System uses a piston pump to push the product through the very high pressure system to a spray nozzle. This system does not use air. The nozzle controls the flow of the product, angle of application and finish. Recommended Annual use: 2000 l/year Flow rate: up to 1.4 l/min.

The advantages of high pressure with the Graco l30 paint guns:
- More pressure to work faster, with excellent finish. - This is more multi-use for small to very large projects.
- This allows the use of most products without dilution such as lacquers, latex...
- This allows a single cross coat to be sprayed directly. Designed for work: large span indoors and outdoors. Sprays most of the products: paints, stains, varnish can be cleaned with water or with appropriate thinners. Also suitable for applying undercoats and facades paints (adapting the nozzle diameter), optional accessories. Ideal for: walls, ceilings, doors, patios, wooden cottages, facades
 Benefits of this new Graco A60 Proplus paint station are:
 - Pump directly into the pot, which prevents the user from bearing the weight of the paint.
- Powerful pump allows a very high flow rate suitable for large jobs.
- Engine shut off
L30+ Sprayer
Magnum L30+ Upright Cart
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