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A stable and versatile workstation.
The Festool Multifunction Table (MFT) can be purchased as a Set version, ideal for cutting and routing applications, or as a Basic version, perfect for a wide range of applications that call for a secure grip on material such as sanding, routing, glue-ups and more. With an optimized work height, the larger MFT/3 provides a comfortable, sturdy platform for a long day’s work.
A smaller version of the MFT/3-Basic, the MFT/3-MINI was originally designed for use with the Kapex Miter Saw. However, its compact footprint and lightweight portability provide an extremely versatile work surface for nearly any application, no matter the location.
Regardless of which options you choose, every element of the MFT/3 system was designed to deliver the ultimate in clamping and security for your material processing tasks, whether in the shop or onsite.
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Item Description Price UM Qty Add to Cart
FT203639 CARRY BAG FOR TRIPOD & LIGHT 100.00 / EA Call for availability
FT489571 CLAMPS 300MM 2X  FS 59.00 / EA Ready Now!
FT488030 CLAMPING ELEMENTS 2X  MFT 125.00 / EA Ready Now!
FT203457 EXTENSION TABLE TSB/1-MW 1000 250.00 / EA Call for availability
FT700807 INSERT SYS-STF RO 90 DX 17.56 / EA Call for availability
FT202912 INSPECTION LIGHT SET STL 450 510.00 / KT Ready Now!
FT201936 LIGHT STAND ADAPTR AD-ST DUO 200 100.00 / EA Ready Now!
FT500693 LOCK S-AZ 17.75 / EA Call for availability
FT500608 MFT/3 BASIC MULTI-FUNCTION TABLE 605.00 / EA Call for availability
FT495465 MFT/3-MINI MULTI-FUNCTION TABLE 500.00 / EA Ready Now!
FT203802 MOBILE WORKSHOP MW 1000 650.00 / EA Ready Now!
FT203454 MOBILE WORKSHOP MW 1000 BASIC 500.00 / EA Call for availability
FT203456 MOVE-OUT SYS-AZ-MW 1000 80.00 / EA Call for availability
FT498967 MULTIFUNCTION STOOL MFH 1000 395.00 / EA Call for availability
FT495315 MULTIFUNCTION TABLE MFT/3 720.00 / EA Ready Now!
FT491594 QUICK CLAMP  FS 42.00 / EA Ready Now!
FT489570 CLAMPS 120MM 2X  FS 46.00 / PR Ready Now!
FT201938 SURFACE CONTROL LIGHT STL-450 300.00 / EA Call for availability
FT204046 SURFACE LIGHT AND ARM COMBO 390.00 / EA Call for availability
FT499814 SYSLITE ADAPTOR MAGNETIC 82.00 / EA Call for availability
FT769967 SYSLITE DUO-PLUS I 300.00 / EA Call for availability
FT574657 SYSLITE DUO-SET 460.00 / KT Not Stocked
FT500723 SYSLITE KAL-2 WORKLAMP 198.00 / EA Call for availability
FT500732 SYSLITE KAL-2 WORKLAMP SET 250.00 / EA Call for availability
FT200038 TRIPOD ST DUO-PLUS I 215.00 / EA Call for availability
FT203148 VAC SYS SYSTEM 990.00 / EA Ready Now!
FT201065 VACUUM CLAMP ONLY FOR VAC SYS 425.00 / EA Ready Now!
FT201064 VACUUM PUMP ONLY FOR VAC SYS 620.00 / EA Ready Now!
FT580062 VACUUM UNIT VAC SYS SE 2 425.00 / EA Call for availability
FT203149 VACUUM UNIT VAC SYS SYSTEM SET 1,375.00 / EA Call for availability
FT497471 WCR 1000 WORKCENTER ORGANIZER 415.00 / EA Call for availability
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