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Majic Catalyst Hardener 1/2 Pint - Clear

DESCRIPTION: This is a special catalytic agent that will accelerate dry time and improve the film properties of most conventional oleoresins, alkyd, or polyurethane coatings. Majic Catalyst Hardener provides a convenient method for elevating the performance of conventional oil/alkyd coatings for heavy industrial service, caustic environments, or high maintenance areas. SURFACE PREP: This product may be specified as an additive for conventional oil/alkyd or polyurethane coatings to achieve improved durability on floors, cabinets, equipment, implements, fixtures, machinery, vehicles, pipes, structural steel, or high maintenance architectural surfaces. Refer to information on the host product for specifications on primer and finish coat application. Specify that the accelerator be added to both primer and finish in multi-coat systems. This will insure that all paint layers are compatible and will reinforce the desired physical properties of the system. Do not use in epoxy, two component urethanes, lacquers, water base or waterborne systems. Follow surface preparation instructions for the host product. APPLICATION: Surface and air temperatures must be maintained at levels above 50+ALA F during mixing, application and curing of the coating system. Add Majic Catalyst Hardener to the host product at a rate of 8 oz. (1 half-pint) per gallon and mix thoroughly. Allow the mixture to set for 10-15 minutes before using. The catalyzed system must be used within 8 hours. This product contains polyisocyanates (aromatic or aliphatic petroleum distillates). Before use, review Material Safety Data Sheet for further information, including chronic health effects. Use only with adequate ventilation. Where over spray is present, a positive pressure air supplied respirator (TC19C NIOSH/MESA) is required. Follow directions for respirator use. Wear the respirator for the whole time of spraying and until vapors and mist is gone. Solvent: For clean up & spray, follow thinner recommendations for the host product.

Available Colors - 8-0950 Clear
Available Sizes - half pint
Finish - Incr gloss up to 10
Coverage - Per host product
Accelerates dry time by up to 40%
Increases hardness by up to 30% for better mar, scratch and abrasion resistance
Raises gloss by up to 10%
Improves resistance to chemicals and solvents
VOC compliant in most states
Physical properties of the coating system will vary according to the host product.
VOC - 419 gm/l ,(3.50 lbs/gal)
Solvent - See application
Wet Film Thickness - n/a
Dry Film Thickness - n/a
Touch Dry Time - Acceleration factor varies
Recoat Dry Time - n/a
Viscosity - 28 sec (#2 Zahn cup)
Flashpoint - > 105+ALA F
Vehicle - Catalytic Agent
Net Weight - 8.4 lbs/gal
Shipping Weight - 6-half pint/4.2 lbs

/ HP

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O-Gee Paint Co.
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Miami, Florida 33155
Local: 305-666-3300
US Toll Free: 1-866-666-1935
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