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COROTECH V400 Polyamide Epoxy is designed for use in Food and Beverage Processing, Industrial Maintenance, General Metal Finishing and Fabrication, Chemical Processing, Industrial and Commercial Flooring and other areas requiring maximum impact and abrasion resistance. It's highly cross-linked film resists many chemicals and solvents, and exhibits excellent chemical and moisture resistance. It is resistant to dilute acids and alkali attack and does not support the growth of mold, fungi or other micro-organisms. This product is excellent for use on ferrous and non-ferrous metals. It is also suitable for protecting concrete substrates in secondary containment applications and can be used for immersion and floor applications. Additionally, this primer is formulated to offer long-term rust prevention, and is excellent when used in a system with epoxy intermediates, immersion service epoxies, and other high performance topcoats. Available in White, Safety Colors, various ready mixed colors and a full range of tint bases. This line is available in both gloss and semi-gloss finishes.
This is a two component product that requires 1 part of the proper V400 "A" or Base Component mixed with 1 part of the proper V400 "B" or Converter Component.

COROTECH0 V400 Polyamide Epoxy is a multi-use epoxy designed for coating a multitude of items including tanks, machinery, floors, structural members, walls, boats, and other industrial and commercial substrates requiring a durable and resistant finish. The base component dictates the color of the mixed kit, while the converter determines the gloss and film build level. This product will amber and chalk if exposed to ultraviolet light.

This product is currently certified under MPI #77, #82, #98 & #108.

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