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maxum gun for capspray hvlp sprayers These spray guns are designed for use in a High Volume/Low Pressure (HVLP) painting system. With an HVLP system, the highest quality professional finish can be achieved with little preparation or setup time. HVLP systems are not intended to replace airless systems. Instead, they are meant to compliment airless by improving the final finish on the substrate, minimizing waste, and reducing labor time. In addition to enhancing profitability, HVLP systems are compliant with the most stringent transfer efficiency requirements.
Maxum II HVLP Turbine Cup Gun
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Item Description Price UM Qty Add to Cart
TI0276257 10 PK HVLP CHECK VALVE SEALS Q 14.20 / EA Ready to Go!
TI0277183 HVLP CUP ASSEMBLY W/CUP & LID 136.50 / EA Ready to Go!
TI0277943 MAXUM HVLP GUN REPAIR KIT 33.50 / EA Ready to Go!
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