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When contractors need to apply the perfect finish, they turn to CAPSPRAY. The number one selling HVLP in the industry continues to offer the highest level of performance and control. High-end woodworking, cabinetry and furniture finishing projects require the high transfer efficiency only TITAN CAPSPRAY can deliver. These lightweight, portable HVLP sprayers will apply all fine finishes with speed and precision, maximizing productivity and profit.
  • Spray hard to atomize coatings with little or no thinning
  • High transfer efficiency ranges up to 90%
  • Dual air filtration with an automotive type air filter
  • Dual air filtration on the cooling air side
CapSpray CS5100
CapSpray CS8100
CapSpray S9100
CapSpray 55
CapSpray 75
CapSpray 95
CapSpray 105
CapSpray 115
Maxum Elite HVLP Turbine Gun
CapSpray Maxum II HVLP Gun
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