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Cutek Extreme is a clear synthetic High Performance Wood Oil manufactured in Australia and now imported to the USA. It has proven itself for over 30 years in Australia as an excellent wood stabilizer and preservative as well as a decorative stain. Based on copper technology, Cutek Extreme offers enhanced protection on all exterior wood surfaces including decking, fences, beams, plywood, engineered wood, and furniture.  It was a top pick in Professional Deck Builder Magazine.   

Cutek works by diffusing deep into wood where it prevents the moisture cycling of swelling and shrinking. The copper component acts as an effective biocide to prevent rot and decay.  This picture below shows two planks of southern yellow pine with only six months of exposure. The top piece is untreated and the bottom has 2 coats of Cutek Extreme Clear.

Surfaces treated with the clear will silver with exposure. To prevent this effect add a container of Colourtone to the gallon. These are transoxide pigments for long lasting color retention. It is recommended that a coat of Cutek be applied prior to assembly and another coat added afterward. Unlike many linseed oil based stains, multiple coats are encouraged, especially on thick cuts. Cutek Extreme has a cumulative effect on wood and the more product absorbed, the longer it will last. It doesnít form a surface film so there is nothing to peel off as with a paint or varnish. Maintenance coats are easy as well. Successful coating of hardwoods in exterior applications utilizes penetrating oil stain type finishes. Cutekís penetrating finish is especially recommended for hard woods like Ipe and Cumaru. These exotic hardwoods have a nearly impenetrable hard surface and the oil contained in the cells prevents good penetration by most stains. There are only a few products on the market that are compatible with these surface conditions. Film forming products such as varnishes and paints will usually peel off.

Preparation is simple, the wood should be clean and dry without other coatings or sealers on the surface. Sanded wood will absorb Cutek faster but it isnít necessary. Cutek is easy to apply with any type of applicator. It can be applied to fresh cut wood without waiting, drying or seasoning. It doesnít need to be wiped off like other oils but the colors should be applied evenly for appearances sake. For thick cuts apply clear first then color coats unless you want deeper tones and more sun protection.

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